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Journal Entry


Note:  The only changes to this entry are minor corrections to grammar, punctuation, arrangement, and spelling.  Note that when I used the phrase “fooled around”, I meant “did nothing of consequence”.


I tried out for choir today.  I had a “B” written by my name.  Is that a grade or something else?  I didn’t go home with Amanda today, but I saw her.  After school I came home.  In 15 minutes Rachel came over.  We talked awhile and then we went upstairs.  We flirted and fooled around until 8:00PM.  Next I did my homework and fooled with Copper, my cat.  Amanda should have gotten my letter today.  I’ll spy around tomorrow and find out.  I love her!!!!  Tomorrow I plan to see Courtney and fool around.  I can tell Brittany dislikes me, but I still love Amanda, so no matter.  In P.E. we played 7 Base Kickball.  I was on Amanda’s team, but she seemed involved with Brian W.  After she gets my letter, she’ll know it isn’t him.  Well, bye.


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