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Note:  The only changes to this entry are minor corrections to grammar, punctuation, arrangement, and spelling.

Dear Diary,

It has almost been a year since my first entry.  My magazine flopped, I have written one chapter of my book, and I have not seen Courtney or Rachel all summer.  I have no idea when school starts, but I don’t want to go.  I just a couple weeks ago got my yearbook.  A little late, me thinks.  Anyway, I have had no sexual contact all summer.

Copper, my cat, has just joined me.  She is purring.

Back to my entry, I have gotten some new zits, an overactive testosterone gland, and some cavities.  Amanda still is out of reach.  I’m sorry to have given you the short short version of my summer, but I’m tired and I, to be honest, can’t remember it all anyway.  Bye.


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