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Journal Entry


Note:  The only changes to this entry are minor corrections to grammar, punctuation, arrangement, and spelling.  I have also removed any last names which appeared, and did not reproduce the artwork which is mentioned toward the end of the entry (no great loss, I promise).


Well, Kirsty hasn’t called in a while since my BBS has gone down.  I do love her, but I fear she is gone forever.  The phone number she gave me was bogus, so I can’t contact her.  Her PO Box address she gave me was wrong.  I am locked off Compuserve, so we can’t meet there.

Since this event occurred I have met many nice girls my age.  I have once again hurt someone.  Her name, Stacy.  Her age, 13 or 14.  We met on USV (US Videotel) and I didn’t realize she knew my other girl, Kaci when I asked Stacy to go with me.  Stacy told Kaci, and they don’t like me.  Well, Kaci still loves me, but Stacy doesn’t.  I am stopping flirting with all girls on USV so Kaci will stay.  Kaci was raped last year, when she was 12, by a 16 year old, so she needs someone.  Her ex-boyfriend threatened to kill me and rape her, but I scared him off.  I could have put him in jail for a long time for what he said.  Now Kaci and I are happy.

I have started an exercise program for myself.  (My weight is 151 lbs)  It is 50-60 situps and 50 weight lifts (50 times for each arm) daily.  It should help.  It is fun.  Girl will like me.

Excuse my handwriting, but I am laying down while I am writing.  I am maturing, I think.  There are several reasons:

  1. I am trying to concentrate more in school.
  2. I share with my brother, Matt, more.
  3. I make more philosophical statements.
  4. I look for more in girls.
  5. I try to help people more.
  6. I considered fighting a 263 lb, 16-year old boy over Kaci.

There are many more reasons, but I do not remember them all.  I can’t believe that in about 14-16 months I will have a driver’s permit!  I can’t wait ’til I drive!  I know it is a long way away, but I can’t wait.

Girls with green eyes are sexy.  My English teacher would disapprove of my jumble of thoughts here, but it is how I think.  Now, if anyone ever discovers this in the future, it will help them little.  It might be interesting reading, but that’s the extent of it.  I might try to make a guide for future teens, but maybe not.  I don’t know how to express my thoughts well here.

I realize that I am just rambling on, but I enjoy it.  My pen just writes what I think.  I am going to try some art on the sides of my pages.  Hmmm… I am not the best!  I like to scribble to express myself, but if this is any expression of me, a psychiatric institute is my future.  Why don’t they let me draw freestyle like this in art class?!?!

Benedict Arnold was not a traitor, rather he had a good reason to go to the British side.  Stephen King is awesome.  People DO have purple eyes.  There is no such thing as double-jointed.  Music is awesome.  This entry is the last of chapter 1.  Maybe I’ll type this up someday.  This chapter is dedicated to my inspiration, my love, my companion, my confidant, my most trusted friend on the face of this earth — Copper, my cat.  Maybe I’ll type this up on my IBM… Maybe…


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