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Note:  The only changes to this entry are minor corrections to grammar, punctuation, formatting, and spelling.  I’ve also removed any last names which appeared.

Dear Diary,

Much has occurred since my last entry, as should be obvious with regard to the month gap from the last entry.  Having completed that insane (for lack of a better word) sentence, I may or may not begin another, over-looking what this sentence itself has become.  Various notable events have come to pass recently, which I will try to record here.  That, in itself, should not be difficult once I recall what exactly all the important events are.

NOTE – Why don’t I write this good for English class!?

There are a few events that stick out in my mind but I, however, believe a more accurate recording of the events will come with a total recall of the past.  These are the times I wish I would write in here more often.  One piece of the past that should be noted here is the notable increase in my physical stature.  I am not a really muscular guy, but I am strengthening.  Yet, with the more important topic at hand, I must end this short tangent.

As best I can piece together, one of the two events I have narrowed down must have come first.  I shall outline them shortly.  One of the events took place around 11PM some night recently.  Sabrina was talking to me, and she said that now that Erica has left (Erica left August 1st), she could safely say I was her best friend, that if she should obtain other friends, I shouldn’t be worried, and that she can tell me things she can’t tell Jarrett.  I was pleased that she feels this way, and consider whether or not I should still strive for her other love.

The other incident, that I now believe came chronologically after the last one, was significantly more important, or so I thought.  She told me of her second trip to Astroworld, alone with Jarrett.  The general theme of the trip was this: Jarrett made sexual advances, some unexpected.  I was always uneasy about such topics, as I usually get jealous of Jarrett, but it is kept in check.  Anyhow, he apparently, after fondling Sabrina’s breasts, asked if his hand could go elsewhere.  She said “I don’t know” (a point I am not clear on is what emotions were displayed in the saying of this) and he unzipped her shorts.  This continued until his hand was on her pussy, no clothing in the way.  I was so pissed at Jarrett for doing this to Sabrina.  I always considered her “pure”.  Sabrina said she didn’t stop him because “at first I was kinda nervous, but then it was OK.”  I just hope she doesn’t turn out like Susan, addicted to sex.  I do so much want to protect her, but I can’t without making her mad at me.  I shouldn’t care but I do!  On another note, after I told her not to let him go too far, she asked me to find out how Jarrett felt about this.  I was uneasy playing the spy, and betraying my friends, but I did it for her, as I would anything.  But I felt guilty, dammit.  I wish I didn’t know the person she was going out with so well, then I wouldn’t be asked to do such tasks.  Erica was a better friend, for she got less jealous than I.  This really misses me off.  I want so very much to protect Sabrina from the world, but I can’t.

God it sucks.

Oh, Sabrina was also worried that Jarrett (who recently became more sexually assertive) would want too much.  Shit!

Oh, Jarrett’s b-day party is a co-ed sleepover.  That, and a high school dance, are coming up.


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