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Note:  The only changes to this entry are minor corrections to grammar, punctuation, formatting, and spelling.  I’ve also removed any last names which appeared.

The past 4 days have been the best and worst 4 of the summer and, maybe, my life up until now.  I accomplished many goals, but conversely did some things I regret.  I shall now begin Thursday night and end on Sunday night.

My sister Colleen has come to live with us while she sorts out some problems.  This started about a week back, when, while in New York, Colleen and Shannon were caught drunk in their father’s apartment.  He threw them both out.  Ross, Colleen’s husband, is contemplating divorce because of Colleen’s alcoholism and his interest in another guy.  Colleen moved in with us and has been talking to Ross and John (the other man) alternately.  She seems to be screwing Ross over, but when he arrived Friday night, they got along fine.  But I hated Colleen for what she was doing to Ross by lying about John.  Now I don’t know.

But Friday night I stayed up until 3AM Saturday morning, and slept ’til 7AM.  I packed and got ready to go to Galveston, and left at 10:45AM.  I was in Galveston with Kelly, Sabrina, and Jarrett by 3PM.  We went out to eat and then walked along the Strand.  It must have been 4:30 when we were on the ferry to get to Jarrett’s beach house and Kelly commented that I had lost weight and I looked much better.  We arrived at the cabin, played some cards, and then played a game of volleyball.  Me and Jarrett won, 15-12 or something.  We danced some slow songs and then went back up into the cabin.  Kelly and Sabrina then decided to cut and style my hair.  I agreed, trusting them.  They did a superb job and everybody liked it (including me).  We ate some dinner and then the four of us kids went outside and sat around a table.  We decided to play Truth Or Dare.  The first people to go all chose truth.  They asked me how old was I when I first french kissed a girl.  Never having done that, I lied and said 13.  Jarrett took a dare, but the girls thought of stupid dares.  I believe the first real one was for Jarrett to kiss Sabrina.  They did so.  Next I was to kiss Kelly.  It was my first french kiss, so I proceeded a bit timidly.  Kelly helped and I loved it!  About this time, Jarrett’s uncle gave Jarrett a small bottle of wine.  A second later he gave me one as well.  So the two wines were passed around and the four of us drank ’em dry.  Kelly and I were told to kiss each other a couple more times.  Kelly can kiss!  Then Sabrina was dared to kiss me.  Unlike what I expected, she didn’t act timid and we went to it.  I love her.  Then I had to feel Kelly’s breasts through her bathing suit.  I was shy at first, so she commented on that, and I did it again.  At this point these firsts for me were coming left and right.  Sabrina and Kelly gave me hickeys, one on each shoulder.  Kelly’s was huge and Sabrina’s looked like a snake bite.  Kelly had to fuck me through my clothes for 10 seconds, and Sabrina had to feel my dick through my pants.  Many other weird things happened, and then Kelly got depressed and asked us if we’ve ever been in love.  I said yes, and I forget what Jarrett said.  Sabrina said no.  I had previously been asked who I had ever loved the most, by Sabrina.  After a pause I said it was Sabrina.  But after we cheered Kelly up, Jarrett and Sabrina made out while Kelly and I sat there.  Kelly is in love with this guy Richard, so she was depressed.  We were told it was time to sleep at 3AM.  Jarrett and I played a board game called Wa-hoo ’til 4AM, and then we slept ’til 7AM.  Sabrina, Jarrett, and I fooled around until Kelly got up at about 10AM.  We then sat around for a couple of hours.  We packed at 1PM, found the truck was locked, and moved everything back.  All of our baggage went in the front seat of the Jaguar, and the four of us squeezed in the back.  When we arrived in The Woodlands we were so tangled in the back that passing cars must have thought we were crazy!  I got home, the family liked the haircut, and I took a bath.  I returned Sabrina’s call that she placed while I was in the bath.  We both were tired, so we both got off the phone.  I went to sleep, and was awakened once to let my mother in, and another time to have my hair layered.  They told me to take my shirt off after the haircut, but mindful of the hickeys I waited until I was in my room.  Oh, while I slept through my haircut, my mom thought some of my bug bites were hickeys but Colleen convinced her otherwise.  I then, at 8PM, slept for 16 hours.



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