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Note:  The only changes to this entry are minor corrections to grammar, punctuation, formatting, and spelling.  I’ve also removed any last names which appeared, except in the case of teachers.

I spent all of Biology writing a letter to Dorothy.  She had written me a ltter from the Air Force base at which she is training.  But, on to more important things.

Maile now wears nail polish.  Today she wore a pink shade.  This is a sign of becoming more like a normal adolescent, most (scratch that.  Erase “most” and put in “all”) of which are much inferior to her, and, it must be said, less nice to me.  But is that to say only superior people are nice to me?  By no means.  Cameron, one might point out, is nice to me (on the exterior).  No, but superior people care for most, if not all, people, like Maile.  Does this mean she (Maile) will continue the metamorphosis into the average girl and dislike me?  I would not blame her.  I hope she does not become the totally stereotypical teenage girl just to become accepted by others, not only because it would mean she would have to hate me, but because it would be disappointing to see the perfect girl do that.  But, if the other girls are mocking her, or leaving her out (which I hope they aren’t, and doubt they are), then she is being treated unfairly.  If that caused her pain, I would not blame her if she became average, because she deserves the perfect life.  I don’t, however, think Maile would do that.  I give her too little trust.  I am not worthy.  I must also note that, upon my looking, it didn’t appear she was wearing any other makeup.  She doesn’t need any!  She is a natural beauty, and she could have any guy in the school easily.  I love her.

P.S. I got all that from pink nail polish!  Harf!


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