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Note:  The only changes to this entry are minor corrections to grammar, punctuation, formatting, and spelling.  I’ve also removed any last names which appeared, except in the case of teachers.

“New York, dammit!” – Curtis

“Merry Christmas, dammit!’ – Gumby (played by Eddie Murphy)

Well, Maile said the off-beige nail polish was for her fingernails when she plays the guitar.  Glad to have THAT cleared up.

OK, let me get you caught up:

  • 1/8 Wednesday: School, dammit!
  • 1/9 Thursday: School, dammit!
  • 1/10 Friday: Debate tournament! (Let’s just say we didn’t win.)
  • 1/11 Saturday: All morning (1AM-5AM) we played Truth Or Dare.  Curtis kept daring Kena to do things to him!  (swap gum w/o hands, passionately kiss his hand, etc.  Curtis was dared to lick her leg, etc.)
  • 1/12 Sunday: My birthday, dammit.  Apparently I’m 15.  All night, Curtis, Jarrett, Maile, and I trekked across the outback of Tomball.  Very rather interesting.  Maile told me that Truth Or Dare isn’t her kind of game.  Anyharf…
  • 1/13 today: Not much, dammit

Oh yeah, that whole night we traveled, I was acting morbid and suicidal.  Now I feel sorry for making the others feel however they felt as a result of it.  I love Maile intensely.  I’ve thought of her all day.

Oh YEAH, I forgot to tell you!  I’m at home, sick.

Why doesn’t Maile love me?  Well, that is really a kind of foolish question.  Who would love me?  I mean, really.  Think about it!  I have vowed to believe in and trust Maile, and she says she cares about me and would care if I died.  But that CERTAINLY doesn’t mean she loves me or would REALLY be hurt if I died.

I could write MANY novels about how much I LOVE Maile!  Her parents treat her too wrongly!

  • 1/13 today: Not much, dammit.

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