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Note:  The only changes to this entry are minor corrections to grammar, punctuation, formatting, and spelling.  I’ve also removed any last names which appeared, except in the case of teachers.


Friday (01/17):  Maile met me that night and I warned her about Max, the guy who wants to kill me.  She refused to promise to stay inside if I went out to “talk” to Max and he had a gun.  It hurt me, because my options were:

  1. Arrange something with Max so we’d meet elsewhere
  2. Force Maile to stay inside by way of her parents
  3. Kill Max/myself
  4. Let Maile go out

Maile hated 1-3, but I could not choose 4.  I could never risk Maile’s life!

Saturday(1/18):  I called Maile that morning and she decided she’d stay inside if Max came.  She swore she would.  I was glad.  I, too, however, had changed my mind and was going to let her go out, if we could devise a “safe” plan for her.  I’m glad she changed her mind and swore first.

Sunday (1/19):  Tried to arrange to meet Maile and she accepted.  She also had dinner here, and then I went to her house to watch a movie.  I acted real suicidal/morbid afterwards, and I’m real sorry I did.  I got up at 1:30AM and realized I was supposed to have met Maile at 12:49AM.  I never want to experience that feeling of loss/disappointment/anger again.  Later I discovered Maile had forgotten as well!

Monday (1/20):  We had no school (Martin Luther King Day).  Maile couldn’t go with me to see some poetry written on a broken bridge in a park in Tomball.  I lay in my room all day listening to depressing music (and I regret it, because Maile didn’t want me to).  Rather depressing.  The night before, however, I had dreamt of Maile.  We ran away together.  My mother, naturally, was in it as the evil authority figure.  I loved the prospect of running away with Maile.  It is my goal in life.  I love her!


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