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Yesterday the agents monitoring me made a mistake. Instead of using their usual, covert techniques, they sent a couple of amateurs to follow me around. I was driving home from work when I noticed that the people in the car behind me, a couple in their 30’s, were taking pictures of me. They followed me through several turns, only leaving when I turned into the grocery store parking lot. At first I assumed that one of my bumper stickers must have been responsible for this. Did they also like They Might Be Giants or the Red Elvises? Were they also from Wayne, Maine? Did they, too, support the right to keep and arm bears? Living in Austin, I doubt my Darwin fish was the source of their fascination.

Upon further thought, I’m sure they were part of a more complex plot. And as I type this, I’m sure no mistake was made. They’re far too clever for that. Clearly they want me to know that I’m being watched. But to what end?


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