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Here are some good ideas:

  • Fantasia 2000 XXX – I saw Fantasia 2000 on Saturday. For those who are unfamiliar, it is a Disney movie that features orchestral music, and accompanying animation that is inspired by said music. For example, the story of Noah’s ark is told over a performance of Pomp and Circumstance (you know, the graduation song). Anyway, I think Disney should release Fantasia 2000 XXX. Instead of classical music, it uses music from pornographic films. The animation would still be G rated, and so would the overall film. I just think this is a vast body of music that has been overlooked by our culture as a whole.
  • Rollercoasters – At lunch today, Hawi, Curtis, and I were discussing many things. Among these things was past trips to amusement parks. During this conversation it was said that rollercoasters are safer than driving a car. “But,” I interjected, “they’re not a viable alternative.” Upon further thought, however, we decided that they should be implemented as public transportation. Who would take a bus downtown when they could take the Greased Lightnin’? They could even replace airplanes. Why fly to Boston when you could take the Texas Cyclone? We envisioned rollercoasters, complete with loops, banked turns, etc, replacing many forms of transportation.
  • The 1999 Harding Family Clothing Optional Christmas – This idea never gained a great following in my family, primarily because I forgot about it before Christmas rolled around. All through Fall I had been planning this event. In retrospect, perhaps it is for the best that I forgot.

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