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Awesome guestbook entry


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Go check out the entry in my guestbook from “Kathys Father”. It may be the best guestbook entry I’ve ever received.

If you check out the page the guy is talking about, Kathy’s Page, you’ll see that he is telling the truth about the stick figures and the blank page. And if you check out Kathy’s Guestbook, you will see that I did indeed sign it. It looks like I was trying to promote The Harf Project at the time. It must have been a long time ago, because I have no recollection of it. Well, I guess that wouldn’t have to be THAT long ago. ;) Last week, probbaly. Anyway, if you read some of the other entries in her guestbook, and look at some of the pictures of her father (here’s an example)…well, I kinda hope this guy is really her father and comes after me. That would be exciting. Oh, and back to her guestbook, note his comment about “pictures of Spiders n shit”…is that prompted by my Save The Spiders page?

I dunno. The alleged father of Kathy also wrote me an e-mail directly, in response to the automated e-mail you get when you sign my guestbook. I can’t remember its exact contents, but I do remember that it contained similar threats to the guestbok entry, and he closed it with “LOL”. You decide for yourself.

I also got a couple of other strange e-mails lately, but I won’t go into more detail here until I judge the time to be right.


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