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Current Music: Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here

I just visited a web page created by “Nevada Bob”. I wish I had a nickname like “Nevada Bob”. Not that I want that nickname specifically, you understand. Just one with a similar ring to it.

While driving today I saw a van with “Goodfella’s Mobile Decorating” on the side of it. Are they a decorating service based somehow on the movie Goodfellas? This concerns me, as it was in my very apartment complex. Good thing I’m moving out in a week.

Everyone (ok, practically everyone) on the They Might Be Giants mailing list has a ton of complaints about their upcoming album (Mink Car). I’ve been listening to it for the past week or two, and I think they’re all nuts. It’s great. Then again, I get a lot of shit from my friends for thinking all TMBG songs are awesome. But this album really is great! Should I lie about it? Jesus.

I have a dentist appointment tomorrow (well, today, technically). They were trying to get in touch with me on Friday and Monday (while I was in New York), to confirm my appointment. I hope they didn’t cancel it because they couldn’t reach me. I guess it doesn’t really matter, since it’s just a checkup.

I should really go to sleep. Until next time I am, your friend, Nevada Mitch (no ring to that — damn).


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