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Well, I moved into the new apartment on Saturday, with the help of Matt, IBM-Andy, Player-Greg, and IBM-Rob. As of tonight, most of my belongings are here. On Saturday all of the furniture was moved, and a great deal of the rest of my stuff. Between then and now I’ve moved several carloads of stuff over. There are still some things left at the old place — posters, clothes, and dishes mainly. The end is in sight, though. I’ve taken up residence in the new place, and it has phone, cable modem, etc. The cats seem to like it all right. I’m loving it. Living alone is awesome. And this place is huge.

Monica wanted me to call her tonight, but I did, and she wasn’t home. I didn’t leave a message. Not sure why.

So yeah, this is one step further in my plan to become a hermit. It’s working well. I talk to the cats a lot. And to myself. I don’t remember who once compared me to one of those old cat ladies, but the comparison is growing increasingly apt. Except I only have the two cats.

I have two computers that I use primarily. One is my newest computer, the other is my previous newest computer (which is quite out of date, as I don’t buy new computers often, despite how much I enjoy getting a new one). Anyway, my older one was in use at the old apartment, and it was slow and quirky, but now it also periodically locks up, especially if I bump into it. Hmmm. I don’t know what has gotten into it, apart from the devil.

Anyway, yeah, good apartment. Loving it. new contact info.


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