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So I guess the biggest news is the terrorism thing. I wasn’t even aware of it until long after it happened, really. I got into work around 9:30am, but I was immediately greeted by my manager, who took me on a tour of another part of the building. I’m going on to a new assignment at work, which will have me working from midnight to 9am. I volunteered for that shift, but I probbaly would have had to work it sometimes anyway. So yeah, I was pretty busy the day of the attacks. I didn’t get the full story until after lunch. I’m kinda surprised something like this hasn’t happened earlier. I’ve long felt that airport security was laughable. I guess I just always felt that there must have been more to it than I was seeing. Evidently not. Still, having something like this happen was shocking. I mean, I didn’t walk around for the rest of the day in a daze or anything. I’m sure it would be different if I lived in NYC or DC, but in Texas, it still seemed remote. I guess that’s one of the perils of living in a country as large as this one.

I listened to Bush’s speech the night of the attack. I wasn’t very impressed. Obviously he was gonna say that we’d kick the terrorists’ asses. I knew that. But his speech said nothing beyond what the news had already been saying. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I’m not sure what his speech was hoping to accomplish. I suppose he made it so he could show everyone that he was in charge, in command, had a plan, whatever. But don’t we all assume that? I know someone is at the helm. Even though I’m not fond of Bush, I’m sure he’s capable of handling this. I wasn’t really worried. Maybe I’m overconfident. That’s certainly possible. I kinda go through life in a happy-go-lucky way. My life clearly hasn’t been hard enough.

Enough about that, anyway. It still seems kinda unreal to me. Maybe I’m not sufficiently in touch with reality. Whatever.

So on to important things, like softball. We lost again tonight. We’re 0-6 this season. We’re playing at a higher difficulty level, and I know that is the main reason for our losses. Still, it’s tough, because we haven’t been crushed in any of our games. They’re all close. We should be winning some of them. I guess I feel more responsible because I’m the manager, even though I haven’t played a fielding position except in the most recent game. I know it’s just a recreational league, so it really doesn’t matter if we win or lose. Still, I really think our team is good. I like the people on our team, and most of them give their best effort at the games. They’ve impressed me on many occasions, and I’m proud to play with them. So it’s disturbing when we go so long without winning. But whatever. I guess this is on my mind, but I know that few people reading this actually care. Of course, fuck that, I don’t care if you care about what I’m writing. I’m not here to entertain. But nevertheless, I’m not sure what else to say, so I’ll move on. Last thing — if you do want to learn more about the Ice Weasels, that’s a link back to our home page.

The dishwasher. Yes, let me talk about it for a while. I think I’ve mentioned before that the part that contains the soap was broken. It wouldn’t stay closed. I don’t remember if I mentioned it, but I put in a work order to fix it, and the fixed it. The soap dispenser stays closed. However, now it won’t turn on. I checked the breakers, and the power switch. Both are fine. So I’m not sure what they did to fuck it up. But it sure doesn’t work. It’s been almost a week since I put in the new work order, to address the problem they created. I get off work tomorrow at 3pm (I’m not yet on my midnight to 9am shift), so if it is not yet fixed, I am going to go by the office and talk to them about it. Actually, I’ll call them when I get into work, and explain that I expect it to be fixed on Friday. It probably won’t work, but what can you do?

Tonight I heard something that sounded a lot like a gunshot at my apartment complex. I ran outside, as did all of my neighbors. The popular opinion was gunshot, but nobody knew for sure. A couple of people saw a flash, though, which would rule out car backfire, I imagine. Anyway, nothing seemed to be happening, so I went back inside. Maybe this is why my rent is so low for the size apartment I have. ;)

I got some new furniture for my apartment. That’s pretty cool. Oh, and some random girl named Lisa in Massachusetts left a message on my answering machine. She wanted help finding information about a JFK quotation. Evidently she somehow found me on the internet and decided I could help her. I was able to locate the information she wanted, so I’m going to call her tomorrow and tell her. I found it online, so I’m not sure why she wasn’t able to. Maybe she’s not as web savvy as I am.

Ok, that’s enough for now. If you get bored waiting for me to update my journal, read Rita’s Journal — she updates a lot more frequently than I do.


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