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New person:

Allison – A girl in Nebraska who I met online. I’ve “known” her for over a year, but only recently did we begin talking a lot. She’s pretty awesome, even though she thinks see-saws are called teeter-totters. Those crazy Nebraskans. Once on the phone I misheard her and thought she referred to Nebraska as ‘Braska, like it was what natives of the state called it. And she is the only person I’ve ever met who asked me if I’d seen In The Mouth Of Madness — normally I ask other people if they’ve seen it, since it’s one of my favorite horror movies.

I am now the proud owner of a working dishwasher, exactly one month after I moved into the apartment. They bought me a new one. Evidently they lied about ordering a part — the part that broke could not be ordered. So now all of my dishes are clean, except the pot in which I cooked spaghetti earlier. It’s quite exciting. What’s more, the new dishwasher makes strange noises during its drying phase. During the wash phase, it sounds like any other dishwasher, but when it’s drying, it occasionally emits weird popping/groaning/creaking sounds. I can’t explain them better than that. I will say that it fascinated both me and the cats. We stood in the kitchen for several minutes looking at it. I leaned against the counter, Rasputin stood at my feet, and Frankenstein would slowly creep up to it, it would make a noise, she’d shrink back, and then the process would be repeated. Maybe it’s possessed. It would have to compete with my new sofa. Recently on the phone with Allison it somehow was discovered that my new couch is inhabited by a ghost, and if anyone but me or my cats spends the night on it, they will be consumed by the couch. I’ve already started thinking of ways to turn this to my advantage. Sometimes I sit on the other couch and stare at the possessed couch.

Oh, my other computer (the one with the webcam hooked up to it) has been acting up lately. It’s the older of the two computers, and it has never been quite as stable as the new one. Lately, though, it’s been especially bad. If I bump into it, it locks up. And then it usually doesn’t want to restart unless I leave it alone for a while. I can sometimes jump-start the process if I remove the case and wiggle the cards. If I do that, it will often boot up, but if I put the cover back on, it often freezes again. So maybe the dishwasher and the sofa aren’t the only things that are possessed. Maybe my new apartment as a whole is haunted. If so, I can’t complain. I mean, I enjoy living alone, but I wouldn’t object to having some poltergeists around. Keeps things interesting.

I really do wish that ghosts and vampires and werewolves and such were real. The universe isn’t boring as it is, but it could use some spicing up. The only problem would be that vampires would probably take over the world, if they’re really as powerful as they’re supposed to be. Unless they were terribly disorganized, they subjugate humans in no time.

I still wish I wrote in my journal as much as Rita writes in hers. She is truly an inspiration to us all.

I’m going to go jump on my bed now. It’ll scare the fuck out of the cats.


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