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Ian – A guy I went to TAMS with (you just think I ended that sentence with a preposition). I’ll give a brief background of TAMS in the next paragraph. Ian was in my class, liked to play cards, was president of Golden Key (he never would show me the key itself, or tell me what it unlocked, but I guess he had to guard it with his life), and was a good guy. He had a dry sense of humor, and was very funny. He and I sometimes would pretend we were ‘Nam veterans during card games. Spades, hearts, and pinochle were the most commonly played games.

TAMS is the Texas Academy of Math and Science. It’s a school that you can attend in your 11th and 12th grade years, instead of normal high school. It’s located up in Denton, Texas (near Dallas), on the campus of the University of North Texas. The way it works is that you live in a dorm there (there is one dorm, McConnell Hall, that is reserved for TAMS kids) and attend regular college classes. Like high school, there are a set of requirements about what you can take, but you can also take some electives. At the end of your two years you receive a high school diploma, and around 60-70 hours of college credit. The program was designed for students who were good at math and science, and its goal was to keep more of them in Texas. It worked out well in many cases, because many of the state universities would give good scholarships to TAMS graduates. Anyway, that’s TAMS. It was a lot of fun.

I just woke up and got a glass of orange juice. I realized I’d been having a dream, and I remembered a lot of it. This is rare for me, so I wrote it down. I’m gonna put it here, and then I’m going back to sleep. I have to work tonight after the TMBG show, so I can’t be waking up at 1pm.

It started out with me checking my e-mail. One of the messages was a link to a webpage. I followed the link, and discovered it was a historical account of a group of people that got trapped in an old, abandoned building and all eventually starved to death. I seemed to remember visiting it before, and I guess I must have signed up to be updated via e-mail when the site was updated. I clicked around for a while. I think the group got trapped back in the 1800s. I have an image of the entrance to the place where they were trapped. Not the building itself, but the gate of the wall that surrounds the building where they got trapped. It’s a stone wall, maybe 6 feet high. The name of the place is spelled out in wrought-iron above the entrance. It looks long-abandoned.

Transition to a video of a white-haired woman speaking. She’s not too old, maybe 30s or early 40s, but her hair has been dyed white. I saw little clips of her talking, as though she was fielding questions, but I never heard the questions, and she was sometimes cut off before she was done answering them. One thing I remember her saying was along the lines of “So-and-so asked me if there were any laws concerning looking for people who had been missing for a certain amount of time. I said that I expected there were, but I wasn’t sure, not being an expert on the law.” She spoke with an old-time style of speech. I saw several clips of her talking. I got the impression she was an actress who was asked to play the role of one of the people who was trapped in the building, somehow being interviewed after the fact (in the afterlife?).

Transition to me sitting at a dinner table. Plates are being passed around the table. A couple of people are in charge of putting food on the plates as they come around. I notice that a different amount of food is being put on each plate. At first it’s not noticeable, but it becomes more and more obvious. Finally, when my plate is being prepared, they give me a very small amount, going so far as to remove some of the food they initially put on my plate and give some of it to my neighbors. The servers then make a small speech, something along the lines of “The people who got trapped in the building did not know ahead of time that they would end up in that situation. As a consequence, they each had eaten a different amount of food going in to the situation. They weren’t prepared for it. So we’ve given you each a different amount of food.” The plate of food had something that looked like fish with a sauce over it, something like macaroni and cheese, and more things that I am forgetting. Maybe broccoli.

We began eating the meal. I notice that the guy across from me is Ian, a guy I went to TAMS with. To my left is someone I know, but I don’t remember who. I think I knew in the dream. Anyway, Ian eats a piece of the fish and says something like “This fish, that resembles trout or salmon…it tastes of tomatoes, although not overtly like them…as though it were cooked in them, but none are on our plate.” He then chewed on it meaningfully for a second. “I think this is some-type-of-fish. What do you think, Mitch?”. I ate some and said “I agree with your analysis about the tomatoes, and that it resembles trout or salmon.” Before I could go on, the person to my left cuts in “I believe this is Kwa-el,” (it sounded a lot like quail, but kinda stilted, like a Native American name or something). Ian replied “Ah, Kwa-el…blue dolphin. You think that’s what this is?”. The person to my left said “I know that’s what this is.” Ian turned back to me, “Mitch?”. I said “Well, I think it’s quail, the bird.” Ian smirked.

That’s all I remember.


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