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I’ve rediscovered Yahoo! Games. Tonight I played Hearts and Spades and a few games of Hold ‘Em. Spades seems to be my best game, but I think I was fortunate to find competent partners (except in my final game). That’s the problem with Spades online — unless you bring your own partner, it’s the luck of the draw.

Yahoo! Games is the perfect fit for my hermit-like nature. It provides some measure of social interaction, but not really. The extent of my interaction in Spades was occasionally congratulating my partner on a hand well played. Except in the last game, when I had to mediate between the other three players. Two of them knew each other, and took offense when my partner made a joking comment. The joking comment wasn’t really offensive, but the other team went nuts and started calling him a cocksucker. I tried to intervene, but then my partner called the opposing team “sand niggers”. So you can imagine how harmonious things were after that. At first I was just gonna leave the game, but I had my rating to think of. ;) So I got them all to calm down and we finished the game in merciful silence. We lost the game, and I have to blame my partner, but it’s hard to remove prejudice from my judgement after his “sand nigger” comments. Not that the other two players were much better.

Rasputin has taken to sleeping at my feet like a dog. If I try to pet him with my foot, sometimes he bites me. It’s clearly not his full-strength bite, so maybe it’s that love-bite that I’ve heard cats like to give. I’ve had cats in the past who gave love bits, but Rasputin seems more, um, intent when he does it. Like he really wants to take a chunk out of my leg, and is having to restrain himself, and is barely winning the struggle. So maybe I should sleep with one eye open. But not on the haunted couch. Sure it can’t hurt me, its master, but better safe than sorry.

On Wednesday night I get to see They Might Be Giants. And also on Thursday night, but in Dallas. That’s awesome, in case you weren’t keeping score.

I drove to Blockbuster tonight to buy a DVD, but they had no movies I wanted to buy that I hadn’t already seen. They had some that I had already seen, but their prices weren’t that great. Plus, I might have needed to show them a card in order to buy them. It doesn’t make sense that they’d require a card for a purchase, rather than a rental, but maybe they would anyway. Evidently I owe Blockbuster from way back, and they still want their money. So I dare not use my card, lest an unseen sniper shoot me.

I want a really good book to read right now. I know I have a bunch of books that I need to read, so I guess I could just go pick one. But they’re all the way in the other room. :) I’ll send Rasputin or Frankenstein to get them. I feed them, surely they’ll be loyal to me in this matter.

I think I may get some business cards printed up that give my title as “Texas State Arm-Wrestling Champion, 1996-present”.

My other computer saved my ass earlier. The Spades game with the bad people went down to the wire, and it was very tense at the end. During the very last hand, a few tricks from the end, my new computer froze. I rebooted it, but I wasn’t sure if that would get me back soon enough. The old computer was running, so I got Netscape running and got to Yahoo! Games. I was able to rejoin my game before the grace period expired. We finished the game and lost, but I would have forfeited if it had not been for my old computer. Too bad it is so frail. Maybe I need to treat it like a major league pitcher. I’ll let it work one day, and then have 3 or 4 days of rest. I’m sure the multitudes of fans of my webcam would object to this. Maybe these same multitudes would like to provide me with another computer.

So yeah, the dishwasher is working fine, the old computer is unsteady but saved my bacon, and Rasputin is bitey. Welcome to my world.


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