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New people:

Nat — Coworker at IBM. He and I both took a quiz to decide which character for the Royal Tenenbaums best represented us. We both got Margot. Matt got Etheline, which amused me. My friend Mary Frances got Richie, if I recall correctly. Carrie got Eli, which is weird, because half of the questions in the quiz had one “druggie” answer (which must have been Eli’s), and Carrie selected none of those answers. Weird.

Mary Frances – I met her online a year or so ago. Well, I met a friend of hers, and met her through that friend. She lives in Dallas. I’ve met her in person a couple times. She and I have similar taste in music and movies, which is rare for me. She, unlike most girls I know, wants to have a lot of children. I also want to have a lot of children. Screw overpopulation.

I just apprehended Rasputin trying to eat floss that he had stolen from the waste basket. Fortunately I got there in time. I buried the floss deep in the trash this time. Hopefully it will daunt him. He’s pretty lazy, so I am optimistic.

Every night I resolve to go to bed early, and every night I end up going to bed no earlier than midnight. True, this is not very late. But every morning I don’t want to get out of bed, so I figure I should go to sleep earlier. I wonder what time I’d have to go to bed in order to not be so sleepy in the morning. Probably around 8pm. 12 hours usually sates me on the weekends.

I probably should get groceries one of these days. No milk or orange juice is wearing on my morale. I can do without the rest of it.

I really want to live at sea, on a ship. Ideally as a pirate. Not the sort of pirate that would kill other people, but I would like to rob other boats. I think I’ve always wanted to do this. Among the other professions that I’ve wanted to pursue:

– bank/museum robber
– explorer
– hermit living on a mountain
– part of a remote, unknown island society (also acceptable: hermit on a remote, unknown island)

But for the time being, software tester will have to do. At work today I was discussing the piracy option with Matt and Nat. Specifically, I am trying to get an idea of the resources needed for such a venture. I guess one of the first decisions I’d have to make would be the type of vessel. Submarine would be good, but very difficult. I’d like to have a crew of 10-20 people, plus my cats of course. If it is going to be a ship, I’d like it to be larger than a motor boat, but smaller than, say, a battleship. I’d like to be able to live at sea for, preferably, months at a time.

All I want is a goddam pirate ship and a prize crew! Is that so much to ask?


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