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Tammy – She plays on my Thursday night softball team. She’s been on the team for over a year now, I think. I’d have to go and look how long it’s been. She has been among the most reliable players we’ve had. Whenever I’ve needed someone to play at the last minute, if she wasn’t already playing, she’d make it to the game. And the icing on the cake is that she’s a good player!

Last Thursday night I played in a foosball tournament. Me, Matt, IBM-Rob, IBM-Andy, and Player-Greg decided to go out and play foosball that night. The nearest foosing establishment is a billiards place that is close to both Matt’s apartment and my own apartment. When we arrived there, we discovered that a tournament was about to start. We could either play in the tournament, or go somewhere else. We didn’t want to spend the time driving to the next closest place, which was downtown, and I wanted to enter the tournament anyway. It only cost $5 (which I borrowed from Matt, as I had no cash). It was a draw-your-partner tournament, meaning (as you might guess) that you are randomly given a partner. It was double-elimination, meaning that you had to lose two matches before you were eliminated. Each match was the best 2 out of 3 games. Rob decided not to enter, but everyone else did. I’d say that our group was probably the least skilled players in the tournament. Of course, including us, there were only 12 people playing. Anyway, there was some tough competition. My partner and I ended up getting 1st place, Matt and his partner got 3rd place, and Andy and his partner got 4th place. My partner and I each got about $16 for winning. I think Matt and his partner each got about $5. 4th place got nothing. It was my first time winning a foosball tournament. My partner was definitely a lot better than I was, but he didn’t entirely carry the team. I made a few points myself, but more importantly I offered a halfway decent defense. As I faced each new opponent, I would usually let a couple points in early, before I would learn how best to defend against them. Over the course of the night I learned a few new defensive tactics, so I definitely benefited from the evening. Most of us are planning on playing again this Monday night. There are tournaments every Monday and Thursday, but I usually have softball on Thursday. Playing foosball in a tournament is a lot more fun than just playing casually, I think. Part of it is that you are facing new opponents, but the main attraction for me is the pressure and intensity. Everyone is playing their best game. I enjoy that kind of challenge.

Tonight after softball practice some of us (me, Matt, Tammy, Rob) went out to eat at a Chinese restaurant (which was right next to a place called Hubcap Annie, which I liked). I discovered fish bones in my chicken curry. Tammy complained on my behalf, and my meal was free. Here is the fortune I got in my fortune cookie: “He likes to flirt, but toward you his intentions are honorable.” Hmmmmm.

Rasputin is full of meows, and he is sharing them with the world. Well, the apartment anyway.

That is all. Over and out.


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