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Tonight I played in another foosball tournament at Clicks. IBM-Andy also participated. The average skill level of the players was definitely lower than Thursday night. I had the misfortune of being partnered with a guy who likes to play goalie. Unfortunately, I also prefer goalie. It was decided (correctly) that he plays better offense than I do, so I’d play goalie. We ended up finishing third place, because we eventually faced a team that could beat him on offense. I defended as best I could, but since my partner was unable to get control of the ball up front, we eventually lost. I can’t blame him — I would have done far worse up front, had I been up there. Andy and his partner got first place, though, so that was good. I’m hoping to get more people to come out and play on Monday nights.

There is a sense of community among the foosball players. All of them know each other by name, hang out at each other’s houses, etc. Even the newcomers are instantly friendly, for the most part. I guess playing foosball is enough to form a friendship. They all encourage me and Andy to develop our skills and continue playing. Honestly, tonight we were not outmatched. At least four of the other players were definitely worse than us. And there were only 12 people total (including Andy and I), like on Thursday. So Andy and I were in the top two-thirds.

Ok, enough about foosball. Now I’ll talk about softball. We begin our new season on Thursday. I haven’t talked about softball for a while in my journal. I think the last time I mentioned it, I was talking about our losing streak, having moved to a higher skill level. This Thursday is our first game back at our previous skill level. Naturally our first game would fall on Valentine’s Day. Needless to say, I am able to play, having no other plans. Big surprise. :)

I ordered a script to the movie Bottle Rocket, and it just arrived in the mail. I haven’t got far through it, but so far it contains a lot of scenes not in the movie. It’s weird, trying to picture the main characters in these new scenes, saying these new lines.

My sister Diane is planning a “horse-related vacation” in September. Turns out, there is a week-long cattle drive in Canada. You ride on horseback, drive the cattle, sleep in tents, etc. Me and Matt are gonna go with her on this excursion. I’m looking forward to it. Maybe I can scope out the Canadian wilderness, to help me when I run away there to become a hermit. More of a hermit than I already am.

Oh, I feel obliged to comment on what a fine movie “Oh Brother Where Are Thou?” is. I’ve watched it several times over the past couple weeks. Excellent.

Ok, my rambling has run dry. Harf.


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