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Shape-shifting reptilians


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Who knew the world was secretly ruled by shape-shifting reptilians?

Evidently David Icke does, along with anyone willing to visit his website or buy one of his numerous books. I haven’t delved far enough into his website to discover why our reptilian overlords are suffering this exposure, and not relegating him to one of the lower levels of their dungeons. (Note: I am only assuming that the shape-shifting reptilians maintain a dungeon of some kind — this is my opinion, and not that of David Icke, as far as I know)

I found out about the above information from an anonymous e-mail that I received. Allow me to quote it for you:

From: “The truth often seems unbelievable – like this one:”
To: mitcharf@tmbg.org
Subject: Shape shifting reptilians are about to achieve complete control over this planet
Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2002 12:20:02 +0100

I know this may sound insane, especially to the minds of people who are conditioned to believe, that the official version of reality is the highest truth available.

But this is not a joke, and I have found some overwhelming documentation and research that supports the claim of this email in a book named “The Biggest Secret – the book that will change the world” by David Icke (540 pages).

You may go to the website of the author for more information: http://www.davidicke.com.

I am not affiliated with David Icke or his website in any way, and I will not mail you again.


You may consider this email as spam, and you are free to blame me, but please ask yourself first if you would’t warn your fellow humans, if you were aware that massive manipulation, abuse, torture and killing of children, women and men is taking place every day performed by ‘people’ in the highest places of power? (Many of which in fact are of a reptilian bloodline and can shift their shape back and forth between a human form and their natural reptilian-human looking form – similar to the ability of chameleons to change their color at will.)

With kind regards from an independent truth seeker who just wishes to inform you what really is going on in the world – not just repeating the official version of reality.

It really brightened my day. I’d much rather live in a world secretly controlled by shape-shifting reptilians, instead of the “official version of reality”, which is altogether too dull for my tastes.


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