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Ugh, why am I writing even more? I think it stems from guilt over not updating my web page. Where did my creative energy go? I think it waned when I stopped drinking so much coffee. Oh, and when I started actually having things to do at work. The golden age of my web page was then I had a job that involved next to no work, but unlimited computer access. It was during that era that I was able to write my internationally acclaimed study on killer whales and filmed Rumble in PVT, a movie that was very well-received at Cannes in 2000. Now the web page is in decline. Today I got an e-mail from someone who didn’t like that I borrowed one of their web pages for use in The Web — sorry, Richard! I thought you’d enjoy the free publicity.

I like to call that previous paragraph “No content, all links”.

One thing I admire in my live journal friends is their ability to use the live journal as a confessional. They’re far more open than I am. Is this because I know that some of my friends read this? I don’t know. I don’t think that is any different with my live journal friends. Does it mean I’m more concerned about what my friends would think? I’m not sure. But I do know that I usually wirte about whimsical topics instead of ones that are important to me. Not that whimsical topics hold no importance for me. I’m all about whimsy.

I think writing about serious stuff makes me tired. It makes me want to stop writing. Perhaps this means I want to avoid my problems and deny them. Or perhaps it just means I need to get more sleep. Hell, I definitely need to get more sleep. Fuck you, Yahoo Spades. :)

It’s only 10:10pm. It feels so much later.

The Family Ties theme just came up on my mp3 player. What the hell? Where did that come from? I’ll bet my cats have been using the computer during the day again. Rasputin has a disturbing fetish for Tina Yothers.

I haven’t played foosball in ages.

Sometimes I think it would be fun if giant spiders overran the earth, or at least Australia. And people just would cut their losses and abandon Australia to the spiders. Ya know? Because they are giant spiders, and who really wants Australia anyway? No offense to Australians — they’re a fine people — but they could relocate elsewhere and still be happy, I’m sure. Happier than they would be living in a land populated by enormous arachnids, anyway.

I’m either gonna go watch a movie, or write more in here. Bah.


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