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A loyal call is like a local call, but, well, okay, fine, it was a stupid typo. But if you are reading this, you are probably reading it before you even get to the typo, so I’d be better off just editing the incorrect entry and fixing the typo, but I have plenty of time on my hands in the middle of the night at the Hilton. Ah, the life of luxury. I miss the cats, though.

I just noticed the lightbulb in the lamp here is corkscrew-shaped and not the normal lightbulb shape. AND I heard a weird noise in the closet. Must investigate, be right back…although if I am killed, you will never see this message. So now I will investigate, but you can know that I obviously got back okay. Closet empty of any threat. Ditto bathroom.

So I keep getting invited to the World Martial Arts academy. I get an e-mail about it all the time, and it contains a phrase along the lines of “You and your fellow martial artists will be honored…” Great, except I know no martial arts. I am flattered, and if they want me to give a speech at the ceremony, I’m sure I can whip something up. I suppose I should read the e-mail in its entirety. I’ve deleted it several times now. It also has given me the idea for a short story, which I will not disclose here, lest one of you vultures steal it.

I remember as a child I got the idea for a super car. It would not only have gears 1-5 (like some standards), reverse, neutral, and park, it would have some extras. For example, instead of reverse, you’d have reverse 1-5, for varying amounts of reversing power needed. Like if you needed to reverse up a mountain, or while towing something. Of far less use were my ideas of park 1-5 and neutral 1-5. Oh the folly of youth. I wish I could remember all of my good ideas. Maybe some would pan out. Building my own country in my back yard didn’t work out either. Nor did my attempts at willing myself to have various super powers or magical powers.

Ahhhh, maybe I will write another entry, maybe not. I did bring ‘O Brother Where Are Thou?’ with me, because I am in love with that movie. I may watch that.


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