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Working on a Sunday


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On the positive side, it’s just a little under an hour until I get to go home. Blah.

I spent the first couple hours here doing constructive work, but now it’s pretty much all done, and I’m just killing time and monitoring things. Blah.

I came home from work on Friday to find a small box on the floor with all of the cats’ toy mice in it, except for one. Keri had decided to see which mouse Rasputin favored, so she put them all in a small box and presented it to him. Evidently he picked up one of them in his mouth, carried it a couple feet away, dropped it and pawed it around. So Keri concluded it was his favorite mouse. That is just one of a series of experiments she has conducted on the cats. Once she showed both of them a mouse and then put it underneath an upside-down plastic bowl. I am ashamed to admit that neither cat had the wherewithal to uncover the mouse. Each of them tried for a little while and then gave up. Perhaps given enough time they would have freed the mouse, but we did it for them.

Keri also enjoys covering Frankenstein with blankets. For her part, Frankenstein doesn’t seem to mind this, and may even enjoy it. It is true that whenever I am lying on the couch under a blanket, Frankenstein wants to crawl underneath. So maybe she is a subterranean cat at heart.

The cats enjoy this attention, I think. If nothing else, it adds a little adventure to their day.

Oh, my e-mail seems to be working again, so you can now send me e-mail at mitcharf@mitcharf.commitcharf@tmbg.org, or mitcharf@grandecom.net.

This morning I woke up around 10am and decided the best way to wake up would be to do math puzzles, so I grabbed my math puzzle book (xmas gift from my mother — thanks!) from the floor by the bed (I sometimes read it before sleep, so I can work on the puzzles as I drift off, and then check my answers in the morning) and did a couple of them. When I had done three of them I was quite awake. I am such a dork, but you can’t deny your nature, right? Or you can but only at the risk of turning into a homicidal half-man, half-cyborg… Something like that. I’m sure I read that somewhere in the Bible, or maybe Time Magazine.

My mom subscribed me and Matt to a magazine called Mother Jones. It’s kinda progressive, and I agree with a lot of what it has to say, but evidently being on the subscriber list for it has landed me on all manner of “I hate George W Bush” mailing lists. Which doesn’t bother me, I guess, because I do think he’s an imbecile. If nothing else it makes for more interesting junk mail. Thank god this is an election year.

Oh, Keri got me the Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Space Ghost DVDs for my birthday — talk about best girlfriend ever. I would rate those gifts as awesome times fifty. I might go as far as awesome times fifty-seven.

Ok, time for me to go “back to work”. I wouldn’t want to cause an awesomeness overload in any of my readers by going on any longer.


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