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Current Mood: sick
Current Music: Decemberists, The – July, July!

While I am sick, I just don’t really think that’s a legitimate mood. But then, drunk isn’t a mood either, nor is full, nor is impressed, nor are probably a quarter of the options that Livejournal provides you by default. Whatever. Blah.

But yes, I am sick. Sore throat, fever, vestigial arms and legs sprouting from my back… The usual. And now my computer threatens to freeze up. I think writing a LJ entry increases the odds of computer failure tenfold. Especially if one has just composed a length entry without saving it. So I’ll save myself from that fate by:
a) Not writing a long entry
b) Posting this right now.

Sorry, I know you want more more more in the way of updates about my exciting life, but I’m a cruel man.


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