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At 1pm today I made a large pot of coffee, and then proceeded to sleep for the next 5 hours. In retrospect, I probably should have done those two things in reverse order. The fact that I didn’t just reinforces my belief that there is no god and we are doomed to a meaningless existence. Or maybe it reinforces my belief that I have no foresight. In any case, I’m pretty sure it’s one of those.

During my afternoon nap I had to fend off numerous kitten attacks. Matilda tried to paw at my eyes (!) and eat my hair. Felix contented himself with jumping on top of me (and unlike the adult cats, he has not learned that he should be careful what parts of me he jumps on) and running all over me. And at one point I was lying on my side, and he had positioned himself behind my legs. He had kind of made a fort between the back of the couch and the back of my knees. Then, for no reason I can divine, he decided to pull himself up onto my legs using just his front legs and claws. Once he made it up, he would slide back into his fortress, and repeat the process. He isn’t yet a grown cat, so this wasn’t as painful as it may sound, but it did prevent me from sleeping. I let him do it a few times, thinking he might settle down, but eventually I had to evict him.

Meanwhile, poor Rasputin was trying to take a legitimate nap with me, and the kittens kept running on him too. Frankenstein had the sense to retreat up to my computer chair to sleep.

Anyway, if I write any more about that, then I am dangerously close to becoming the male equivalent of an old cat lady. At the age of 28 no less.

I leave you with this:


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