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Let’s put aside for the moment why exactly I am listening to the director’s commentary for Alien vs Predator. The movie itself was okay, provided you set your expectations reasonably. However, I am listening to the commentary. The commentary includes the director, the main character/heroine, and Lance Henriksen. Some comments.

First, LH thinks everything is great. Every scene is great. All CGI is great. The lighting? Bad? No, great. Sometimes he remarks that something is great, and the director or the heroine contradict him. Then he kind of stammers, and the other person clarifies what they didn’t like, and Lance says “Yeah, but this other thing, that sure was great.” And I can’t help but feel that the others agree rather than put up a fight. Anyway, I love the stuff that Lance has done (by which I mean Alien stuff and Millennium), but yeah.

Second, I now realize that the director and actors of even mediocre movies take their projects very seriously. As I said, AVP was okay, but nothing more than that. Yet the director points out so many subtleties to the movie of which he is proud. Same for the actors. I guess if this is your craft, you look for those things, even if the project is not the next Citizen Kane.

“It was a pleasure to work with. An absolute pleasure, this movie.” – Lance

Anyway, the Squeezebox 2 is awesome. Place your order now. AVP…well, not as awesome, but if you liked the Alien movies or Predator (or, god help you, the sequel), you should see it.



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