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No protective mouse cut needed today. I took more photos this morning, but I think my last two posts have really shown all there is to see when it comes to cats eating dead mice.

Felix did not want his extra large mouse this morning, although he happily licked all of the meat snack off it. Matilda also did not want her large mouse. I ended up giving Matilda some meat snack instead, and Felix ended up eating Matilda’s mouse. Wilbur and Dusty both ate their extra large mice, and Wilbur also ate Felix’s spurned extra large mouse. So, all mice were consumed, all cats were fed, but still only three cats have eaten the mice. I will keep working on Matilda. Even if only those three cats eat them, I can live with that. It’ll be a treat for them, and the other cats can just have the raw meat diet.

In other cat news, I recently agreed to house [info]phaballa‘s (aka Andrea) cat Max temporarily, as her current living situation is not very cat friendly. The plan is for Max to stay here until around October. Max was brought over here today, and he is fitting in very well so far. For the most part he and the other cats are just giving each other wide berths. There’s been a small amount of growling and hissing, but no fighting.

I was given to understand that Max is not an expert at navigating cat furniture, but I have photographic evidence to the contrary:

Max on the top floor

He seems to be enjoying himself up there. In this shot you can see the Soft Paws he has over his claws:

Max shows off his fancy paws

After I took this shot I went to take a shower. When I returned downstairs, this was the scene:

How did it get down there?

I’m not sure how the fabric cave ended up on the floor, but Max appears to be intact, so all is well. He seems quite serene up there:

Calm Max

So it’s been a cat-tastic day so far. Unfortunately I am watching the Yankees beat the Red Sox right now, but no day is perfect, right?


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