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Much quicker than expected


The first house I looked at today was great, and I’m going to make an offer on it. It’s comfortably within my price range and the house appears to be in excellent shape. Of course I’ll be having it inspected to look for any non-obvious problems.

Even though I really liked the first house, we went ahead and looked at all 5 of the properties I had lined up for today. All they did was really solidify in my mind that I wanted the first one. It’s not a perfect house — ideally I’d maybe have one more room in it. But it has 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, living room, dining room, and kitchen. It comes with all major appliances other than a dishwasher, which I’ll need to put in. It’s in Hyde Park and within walking distances of all the local establishments.

I’m very excited. My realtor is going to send over the paperwork to me today, and the goal is to close just before the end of the month. If we can pull that off, it’ll give me a full month to move in, which should make it considerably less hectic, even if it does mean I’m paying on both places at the same time.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that nobody else has made an offer on the place. The price was just reduced on Thursday, so if there was an offer, I’m guessing it would have had to happen since then.

I’ll post some photos and such once I’m sure the house is within my grasp.


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