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I am officially in my new house, as of this past Friday. I am still in the process of moving everything over from the old house, and cleaning the old house, but all of my furniture is now here, as are the cats. [info]phaballa (aka Andrea) reclaimed Max on Sunday, so it is just me and the seven cats here. They (other than Rasputin and Wilbur) were skittish at first, but everyone has settled down now. This place really feels like home already.

I owe great thanks to Sarah, my girlfriend, for helping me a lot with the move this weekend. She herself just recently moved to Austin and has had her share of moving drama and stress, but she was happy to help me with my move. I guess I haven’t mentioned Sarah in here yet, which I know is shocking given how frequently I update my journal. Those of you who see me regularly will no doubt meet her before too long.

The new house is an older house (built in 1952), and I’ve needed to do some repair work on it. I’ve already had most of the house rewired by an electrician, and I am likely going to need to have it repiped by a plumber as well. The seller gave me some money for repairs, but the cost for all of this has already exceeded what he gave me. However, I am still happy with the purchase. I was aware that these repairs would be needed based on the inspection. I really like the house, and spending money on the house doesn’t bother me so much, since it will be increasing its value. And it’s still such a novelty to actually own the place in which I live.

Also, Sarah Palin is a nut.


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