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New kindle


So Amazon is releasing the second generation Kindle, which is their e-book reader. I bought a first generation one for Keri last year, and she loved it. Looks like the new one has longer battery life, a better cellular connection, and a higher quality display, among other things. I’m still on the fence about getting one. The one thing the new one lacks, which I’d like to see, is a color display. But I guess for 99% of the stuff I read, that wouldn’t matter. I can only see it mattering for magazines, and for book cover art. For the text of books themselves, color isn’t going to matter.

I definitely like the idea of e-books. Having your entire library available wherever you go (you can download the books you don’t have actively stored on the device) without paying a monthly fee. Not having to waste paper buy buying actual copies of books or (worse) magazines and newspapers. Plus it’s smaller than most books, and lighter. For traveling, it would be great.

That said, there is still allure for me in holding an actual book in my hands.

So I’m torn!


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