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Rasputin doesn’t seem to understand that when he looks out the back door and sees a rainy, dreary day, it’s actually going to be like that when he gets outside. He meowed at the back door, and even though I explained to him that it was cold and wet outside, he persisted in his meowing. So I relented and we ventured out. Stubbornness kept us out there for five minutes, but then he was back at the door wanting to return inside.

While out there I was reminded of the piles of leaves that have accumulated out there, both on the deck and throughout the yard. I guess the leaf fairy isn’t going to come collect them after all. And I don’t even own a rake! What a cruel world. And weeds are sprouting in the yard, owing, I imagine, to the recent rains. There’s no HOA here, so I guess I’m not obligated to do anything about them. I’m not so worried about the back yard, but my neighbors may care if I let the front yard go to seed. I guess I’ll see what they do with their yards, and act accordingly.

Being single has advantages, but it can be lonely and leaves a lot of time to fill. I’ve been in relationships more or less since I got out of college. I think it is in my best interest to learn how to be single again. Didn’t I read somewhere that you won’t be happy in a relationship if you aren’t happy by yourself first? Or did I dream that? Not that I am ever truly alone, what with the seven cats who are constantly clamoring for my attention. And here is Rasputin now, meowing by the back door again. However, I think he mainly wants attention, because he did not persist very long before wandering off. When he really wants to go outside his meowing is usually more prolonged and accompanied by scratching at the door.

With god as my witness, I will go grocery shopping today. I need fruit, eggs, veggie lunch meat, ketchup, garbage bags, hot dog buns (for the veggie Italian sausages that I recently bought), and probably a few other things I’ve written down on my list on the fridge. Oh, and a rake, but I don’t hold out much hope that Central Market will come through for me there.

I’ve also been meaning to go see the new Friday the 13th again before it leaves theaters. On my first viewing I had some complaints and they took away from my overall enjoyment. However, and I am moderately embarrassed to admit this, I recently discovered a message forum that is dedicated to the Friday the 13th series. I guess I am not so much ashamed to admit that I discovered the forum, but rather that I read many of the messages there, and even posted some of my own after watching the new movie. You see, once I heard the new movie was coming out, I made it a point to go back and re-watch all of the previous movies. You know, something any reasonable person would do! And in the process of doing this, I happened to do some web searches about the movie, and one thing led to another, and the next thing I knew I was on my third paragraph of my review of the new movie. As you would expect, there was a long thread on the message board about people’s first impressions of the new movie. Reading through it, I discovered that many people shared my complaints (the actors/actresses looked too much like models, the nudity seemed forced and excessive, Jason behaved a bit atypically, etc) but later in the thread some other fans mounted a spirited defense of the new movie. By the end of the thread I was convinced that I had completely misjudged a movie which clearly was the Citizen Kane of modern horror cinema. So I want to give it another try, now that I know the things that bothered me. I find that oftentimes I enjoy a movie more on the second viewing, once I’ve adjusted my expectations. Anyone want to go see it?

Okay, well, it’s 4pm and I guess I should shower before I go grocery shopping. I like to shower at least once a week, whether or not I need it.


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