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After the initial blog setup, last night was devoted to copying my old LiveJournal entries over to this blog.  Tonight I did the same thing with stuff I had written and posted on my web page.  Unlike with LiveJournal, I didn’t copy everything over.  I plan to make some significant revisions to my web page which will most likely involve removing much of what was there before.

The web page made a lot more sense in the days before Facebook, Twitter, LiveJournal, blogs, etc.  At that time, having a web page was one of the best ways to put your thoughts, writings, photos, etc, online.  That doesn’t seem to be the case any longer.  So I plan to simplify my web page, and rely on things like my blog for sharing things I write.

I’m still deciding how I want to manage my photos.  I’ll keep posting them on Facebook, but that cannot be my main image repository — it only keeps low-res images, and anyway, I’d prefer to find a solution which involves me storing the images on my own web server.  Well, not a server in my house, but on the web server that I pay for each month.  I like the idea of having control over all of my data, so I can easily back all of it up and (if needed) move it to a new web host.  Probably I’m just being weird and should use flickr like everyone else.  I’ll look into that option before I make any decisions.

So, yeah, this evening was spent reading through things I wrote 10-15 years ago.  One thing is clear — I had a lot more free time and/or creative energy back then!  Which is not to say that I produced great works of literature or art, mind you.  But I sure did produce a lot!  Well, a lot more than I do these days, anyway.

I know that this makes several posts in a row now that I’ve blogged about this blog itself, which I am sure is very fascinating to everyone.  I think this is mainly because I’ve spent a lot of time working on the blog, rather than, well, doing other things that I could be writing about.  But I am going to change that all RIGHT NOW!  Because it’s time for me to find something to watch on Netflix streaming.  Speaking of which, I just noticed the other day that some of the new Netflix streaming movies indicate that they support 5.1 surround sound.  That had been one of my complaints about their streaming service, so I’m happy to see it is being addressed.  I haven’t actually watched one of the movies which are available in 5.1 yet, so it remains to be seen if the audio quality is acceptable.  Perhaps I will find out shortly!  Signing off from Meowbo Ranch!


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