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Magnum Force, Sita, Thanksgiving Sandwich, and more!


Hello again from Meowbo Ranch!!!

Last night the cats and I watched the second Dirty Harry movie, Magnum Force.  It worked so well in my last post, so here is a list of my observations about the movie:

  • I am happy to report that it continued the proud tradition of gratuitous nudity started by the first film.  They tried to make one nude scene mildly relevant by having it as a prelude to a love scene with Harry, but that whole side-plot with the love interest was pretty superfluous to the main plot.  But they did take it up a notch from the first film by having a corpulent older gentleman appear in a nude scene — a little something for the ladies!
  • Just two movies in, I have noticed a pattern.  Harry is assigned important mission involving some bad guys, Harry encounters bad guys, Harry “apprehends” bad guys (usually involving him killing most of them), Harry is severely reprimanded and threatened for how he handled it, REPEAT.  Clearly his superiors have never read parenting books.  You have to follow through with your threatened consequences or your child will never take you seriously! Maybe prospective parents should have to watch the Dirty Harry movies…
  • At the end of the first movie, Harry throws his badge away in disgust.  Earlier in the movie he had said that he didn’t know why he remained with the police.  And of course the entire first movie involved him being yelled at by his superiors.  And yet, at the beginning of the second movie, he is a cop and nothing is ever said about it.  I am appalled that the Dirty Harry franchise overlooked such a glaring plot hole! I may write to my Senator.
  • Harry is not very good at starting a motorcycle.

Tonight you probably expect me to watch the third Dirty Harry movie (The Enforcer), BUT YOU WOULD BE WRONG! Not that I wouldn’t like to watch it,but as it happens, Netflix has all of the Dirty Harry movies available for streaming EXCEPT for The Enforcer. Why? Obviously because there is no god.  So tonight I will be finding something else to watch.  Given that my instant queue has almost 200 movies, this should not be difficult. Anyway, Netflix, I AM PUTTING YOU ON NOTICE! Don’t make me make you send me the actual movie disc!

In non-Dirty-Harry-related news, I am catsitting Sita (the cat formerly known as Bandit and Big Mama).  Keri adopted her a month or two ago, and I’m looking after her while Keri is out of town.  I considered bringing her to stay with me while Keri is out of town, since Sita/Bandit/Big Mama lived here for several months before Keri adopted her.  However, I do not want to disrupt the relative calm which has descended now that I’m down to “only” seven indoor cats (plus Duval, the outdoor cat whom I feed).  So twice I day I head over to Keri’s place to see to Sita’s needs.  This is very exciting to you, I know, but I can only spend so many paragraphs talking about Dirty Harry, even though I realize that the only reason anyone reads my blog is to find out my thoughts on the various Dirty Harry movies.  TOO BAD.

If you live in or near Austin, then between now and Sunday evening at 6pm you must go to Counter Culture (at the corner of 53rd and Avenue F) and get the delicious Thanksgiving Sandwich.  It has cranberry sauce on it!  It is my favorite sandwich of hers. I ate two of them yesterday and one today — DO NOT JUDGE ME!  Also, she has two great desserts — pumpkin cheezecake and chocolate pecan pie. You will thank me later!

I spent around an hour today playing with different themes for the blog.  Finally I found one which I liked better than the one I had been using.  I had never really thought about how many behind-the-scenes things that were involved in blogging.  Of course, I’m someone who never changed any of the default settings on my LiveJournal’s appearance.  Anyway, working on the blog reminds me a lot of working on the BBSes I used to run.  Speaking of which, I’m toying with the idea of starting my telnet BBS back up.  That said, I’ve been toying with this idea now for a couple of years, so we’ll see if I actually do it.  I’m big on ideas, medium on getting them started, and, well, tiny on following through.

Ok, that’s all the Mitch you get — time to peruse my instant queue.  Hugs and kisses to my throngs of adoring readers!!!!


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