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Nostalgia is hard work!


It took me all night, but I finally finished transcribing the entries from the first (of three) notebook of my paper journal.  The entries span from August 26, 1989 through August 20, 1991.  It was interesting, albeit embarrassing, going through all of those old entries.  I hadn’t read through the journal in a long time.  It’s interesting to observe which parts of me changed and which parts are basically the same.  And it was kind of fun reliving my first, awkward romantic and sexual experiences.  I don’t think 12-14 year old Mitch imagined that 33 year old Mitch would be single, vegan, and have 7 cats.  Well, maybe the cat part — even back then I read Cats magazine…  Like every teenage boy…  Right?  Right?


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    it’s very brave of those to have put those up.. god, I hope the journals I had back in the day get burned or lost forever!

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      I don’t know if brave is the word I’d use. Foolish? Crazy? Those seem more apt. :) But if the entries are half as amusing to other people as they are mortifying to me, then I suppose it’s worth it in the name of entertainment.

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    err ‘brave of you to have put those up.’ it’s only 1:24am and already my english is shot..

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    those were hilarious. I had no idea you were such a social butterfly back then. or so horny.

    oh and wtf. stupid gestapo. I didn’t have a thing for you — but I did think you were a nice person.

    And you had good taste; Amanda was pretty and one of the sweetest girls in school.

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      I don’t know that I was any hornier than the average boy of that age — looking back, it’s really hard for me to imagine how sex-centric my world was then.

      Apart from being sex crazed, I was judgmental, self-centered, and way too prone to melodrama. And what’s funny to me is that I’m sure at the time I thought I was very mature. It kind of scares me, really, how right now I may think and believe something completely, and then in 10 years I could look back and realize what an utter idiot I was. On the other hand, I guess it would be just as scary if I was so convinced of myself that I was unwilling to learn and change as new information arrived.

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