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Looking for love in many of the wrong places


I’ve reactivated my OKCupid account.  I’ve also posted a craigslist ad.  I’m not unhappy being single, but it is a bit lonely at times.  I’m a fairly solitary person by nature, and it is true that I’m pretty picky (read: difficult to get along with).  (How many consecutive sentences can I begin with “I”?  Egotistical much?)  I don’t plan to devote much time to scanning through listings on either site, and I really hate dating.  Well, I guess it’s more accurate to say that I don’t enjoy dating just for the sake of dating.  If I’m going on a date with someone and we’re both into each other, then sure, it’s great.  But you typically have to go through a bunch of dates until you encounter that person.  Plus, I far prefer the idea of a relationship developing organically and slowly, rather than the forced romantic focus that is imposed when you meet someone from a dating site.  That said, my two longest and most successful relationships in my life were both with people whom I met online — one from a dating site (Keri) and one from craigslist (Sarah D).  So I shouldn’t rule it out!  And anyway, I figure it doesn’t hurt to have my info out there, in case my dream woman is lurking out there somewhere, poised to strike, waiting for the day when she sees my listing.  But really, who WOULDN’T want a vegan hermit with 7 cats?!  What a catch!


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    Well, I’m certainly glad you finally found the right place :)

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