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The only thing we have to fear is Fear Itself


Last night I finished watching season 1 of Fear Itself (which is the only season that currently exists, as far as I know).  Looking back over the season, I felt like only around half of the episodes were really worth watching.  Those were:

  • The Sacrifice
  • Family Man
  • In Sickness And In Health
  • Eater
  • Community

And there were a few which I thought were borderline:

  • Spooked
  • Something With Bite
  • Chance

The other 5 episodes were not very good, in my opinion.  Too predictable or too contrived for the most part.  Still, 5-8 out of 13 isn’t bad.  I ended up giving the series 4 stars.  If they make a second season, I’ll certainly watch it (on Netflix).  None of the episodes were genuinely scary, but I find that to be a pretty rare thing for any horror movie or TV show to accomplish.  Maybe I’m just jaded, though.


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