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I finally received from Netflix and watched the third Dirty Harry movie, The Enforcer, in glorious Blu-ray (since Netflix decided that it alone of the five Dirty Harry movies would be unavailable on their streaming service).  That was on Saturday night.  Sunday night I watched the fourth installment, Sudden Impact, on Netflix streaming.  And tonight the plan is to watch the fifth and final entry in the series, The Dead Pool (the only movie in the series with a non-two word title).

I had no idea that it wasn’t until Sudden Impact that Harry first uses his trademark “Go ahead, make my day” line.  His other famous line, “Do you feel lucky?”, was introduced in the first movie.

I know this will come as a shock to all of you, but the Dirty Harry movies are very formulaic.  Once again Harry pisses off his superiors, they punish him and threaten to kick him off the force, and them immediately assign him to the first high profile case which comes along.  They admonish him not to go crazy on the case, of course he does, and the cycle eternally repeats itself.  I really hope The Dead Pool doesn’t break the pattern — Harry should always be simultaneously the most hated and trusted cop on the force.

Once I get through all of the Dirty Harry movies, I think I’ll work my way through the Death Wish series.  Then I can judge who is tougher — Charles Bronson or Dirty Harry.

Also, Sudden Impact taught me a new pejorative term!  Jamf!  Call someone a jamf, of course they will ask you what it means, and you can go on to explain that it’s a jive-ass motherfucker.  I cannot believe this did not enter common parlance after the movie was released.

Oh, as a Netflix streaming aside, I noticed that the 5.1 audio doesn’t seem to be available when I stream movies on my HTPC, but it is available when I stream to my PS3.  I’m kind of surprised, although there are probably more people out there with surround sound systems connected to their PS3s than there are people with HTPCs in a similar configuration.



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