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Lightning Jazz


“Lightning Jazz” (live) by Dan Bern

Dan Bern is one of those musicians who must constantly be writing songs.  If you go to one of his live shows, there’s a good chance you will hear one or more of his songs that are not available on any album, EP, single, etc.  He’ll play a song at a bunch of shows, and then it’ll slip into obscurity.  Maybe it will make it onto an album down the road sometime, but just as likely not.  This is one of the live tracks that has not (yet) made it onto an album.  If you ever get the chance to see Dan live, I highly recommend it.


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    Bern is the genuine folk troubadour article with a muse that is on overdrive all day. I’ve probably seen him a dozen times and there’s not a hint of artifice to him. He can make you think, laugh and shake you to your core all in a single verse of one of his songs.

    I believe that “The Age of Specialization is over” was truly handed down to him as the 9th commandment from on high.

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