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“Dave” by Will Rigby


Hello CD of the Month, April 1996

“Dave” by Will Rigby

I’ve never understood why Will Rigby isn’t more popular.  I don’t mean mainstream or anything — I’ve long since learned that no matter how much I love something, that doesn’t mean it will have mainstream appeal.  But his songs are lyrically and musically catchy, and fairly original in my experience.  As original as any music is  (barring really experimental stuff).  I first became aware of him from the CD pictured above.  I was fortunate enough to be a member of the Hello CD of the Month Club for its 4 year run back in the mid 90’s.  Run by John Flansburgh of They Might Be Giants, Hello put out monthly CDs from a lot of great artists, and introduced me to Will Rigby.  After falling in love with his Hello CD, I was happy when in 2002 he came out with an album, Paradoxaholic (CD).  Sadly, apart from some releases in the 80’s which are only available on vinyl or cassette, this is the sum total of Will Rigby’s commercially available work.  His primary musical pursuit was as a drummer for various bands, and I guess that made more money than his other efforts.  I still hold out hope that maybe he’ll release another album.  After all, it was something like 17 years between his previous album and the 2002 album (not counting the Hello CD), so maybe 2019 will be my lucky year.  Anyway, Paradoxaholic is the only easily purchasable music of his these days, and I highly recommend you track it down.

UPDATE: Another great track from this CD, Paper Hat, is also available for download.


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    Hey Mitch – you’ll be happy to know all the above and some stuff by Will that you don’t mention is all available at his BandCamp site (any format you prefer) here:



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    Glad to help a fellow fan.

    BTW, I am featuring lots of info and music by Will at my blog this month:


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