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Right now I share my photos online in two primary ways: Facebook and on my web page.  I only put select ones on Facebook, though — I post more on my own web page.  Anyway, right now I just upload them all to my web site, and then edit an HTML file to link to them and provide a description.  Very, very low tech.  I want to move to something a bit more sophisticated.  Here are my requirements for it:

  • Ability to host everything on my own web server, not rely on a remote server (ala flickr, Facebook, etc)
  • Handle images of any resolution, and present them to users in thumbnail format for easier browsing
  • Support tagging of photos with keywords/names
  • Standard stuff like being able to enter text descriptions to associate with photos, date the photos with when they were taken, etc

Ideally I’d like something open source, but I’m not set in stone on that requirement.  I’m hoping to find something that does for photos what wordpress.org does for my blog — very configurable and gives me complete control over it on my own web site.  Any suggestions?  Worst case is I can either keep doing what I’m doing, or write something myself.


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