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The south shall rise again


A couple of weeks ago I watched Hide And Creep on Netflix, and last night I watched Altered.

Boy howdy!

You think it's a Yankee?

Hide And Creep is rednecks vs zombies, and Altered is rednecks vs aliens.  Hide And Creep is the superior movie — I feel it is the sort of movie Kevin Smith would have made if he had grown up a horror movie fan in Alabama, rather than a comic book fan in New Jersey.  Altered is higher budget, but it takes itself more seriously, which works against it to an extent.  Still, if you have a perverse affection for southern culture like I do, then both of these movies need to be in your queue.

Hide And Creep: Buy it on DVD.
Altered: Buy it on DVD or rent it on Amazon video on demand.


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