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In other news, I’ve started dating a wonderful woman named Jennifer.  I feel very optimistic about the relationship — we both seem to be on exactly the same page in terms of what we expect of a relationship, we’re very compatible, and we’ve got great chemistry.  In the past, even at this early stage of the relationship, I’d be having at least some doubts or reservations.  Out of reflex I find myself looking for possible problems or things that I don’t like, but there just aren’t any.  I’m not saying that our relationship will forever be perfect with no need for compromise or anything, I’m just saying that I already know that when we do run into such things, I am very motivated to persevere.  And she feels the same way.  Also, I feel much better equipped to nurture a healthy relationship now that I’ve been seeing my therapist for almost two years.  We’ve worked through all of the relationship issues I’ve had in the past, and this is my chance to put everything I’ve learned into practice.  I’m sure there will be bumps along the way, but I’m confident that I know how to identify them and handle them.

Lest this all seem very sudden, I should hasten to point out that we first “met” almost a year ago on OKCupid.  A little while after that I decided I was going to take a hiatus from dating, but she and I became friends on Facebook.  So over the course of the past year we got to know each other gradually through various Facebook interactions, with occasional flirting.  Recently we decided to finally meet in person for a date, and it couldn’t have gone more perfectly in terms of how well we clicked with one another.

In summary, I’m quite happy and I don’t want to jinx anything, but fortunately I am not superstitious and don’t believe in jinxes, so I don’t mind saying that I really think she could be “the one.”


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