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Dan Bern!


“Most American Men” live by Dan Bern
“The Fifth Beatle” live by Dan Bern
“Johnny Cash and Anais Nin” live by Dan Bern
“Jesus Was Well Hung” live by Dan Bern
“Working At The Ritz” live by Dan Bern
“Suit I’m Gonna Buy” live by Dan Bern

And a couple of months ago I also posted another live Dan Bern gem, Lightning Jazz.

This spate of live Dan Bern tracks (most of which aren’t available on any album even in a non-live form) was inspired by the fact that Dan Bern is playing in Austin next Thursday (the 27th) at the Cactus Cafe.  I’ve seen him play there before, a few years ago, and he put on a great show (as always).  I’ve already purchased my tickets, and if you’re in Austin, I highly recommend that you do so as well!

If you’re new to Dan Bern and you like what you hear from these live tracks, then you’ll love his studio albums as well.  All of his stuff is good, but I think the following offer the best introduction to Dan Bern:

  • Dog Boy Van (E.P.) (1996) (mp3CD)
  • Dan Bern self-titled album (1997) (mp3, CD)
  • Fifty Eggs (1998) (CD)
  • Smartie Mine (1998) (mp3, CD)
  • New American Language (2001) (mp3CD)
  • The Swastika E.P. (2002) (mp3, CD)
  • Dan Bern Live in Los Angeles (2010)  (mp3)

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