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Upcoming Topics!

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I’ve started keeping a list of topics about which I want to write.  So far that list includes:

  • Abortion and any ethical implications between it and vegatarianism/veganism.  Perhaps also the issue of stem cell research, but I may break that one into its own post, after I’ve written the one on abortion.
  • Polygamy and polyamory
  • Victim blaming, both in general and in particular how it relates to rape and feminism
  • Prostitution (and pornography and strippers and the sex industry in general) and feminism

So if I haven’t deeply offended or alienated you yet, DON’T WORRY!  There’s still time!


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vegan, curmudgeon, animal lover, feminist, agnostic, cat whisperer, bookworm, hermit, Red Sox fan, Cthulhu enthusiast, softball player, man-about-town

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