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Three more upcoming topics


Do you like how I’ve started using this blog as a method for reminding myself of things I want to blog about later?  You should probably just say that you do, since I’m going to do it anyway, and you wouldn’t want to give me the satisfaction of knowing that I am successfully causing you torment.  Which is clearly my goal with this blog.

So, three more topics I want to remember to write about!

  • Redheads
  • Spelling
  • Attractiveness, sexual attraction, and sexual preference

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vegan, curmudgeon, animal lover, feminist, agnostic, cat whisperer, bookworm, hermit, Red Sox fan, Cthulhu enthusiast, softball player, man-about-town


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    all three in one post!!!

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    you should post about what a girl should do when her perverted husband clearly doesn’t think she’s pervy enough.

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