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Video profile!


Since my digital camera has a video feature, I decided to supplement my OKCupid profile (and my plentyoffish profile) with video.  Here is the blurb I added to my profile:

See me on video!!!: I recently made an impromptu video for someone and it hit me that I could totally do the same thing as part of my profile.  So I’ve recorded myself reading three things that I think are funny — the first is the prologue to a book, the second is a poem, and the third is a short story.  They will show you:

  1. …what I look like
  2. …what I sound like
  3. …what I find funny
  4. …that I need to shave and get a haircut

Here are the three videos:

  1. Prologue to John Dies At The End by David Wong
  2. O Yale Man by Ethan Coen
  3. John Mortonson’s Funeral by Ambrose Bierce

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