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turntable.fm Chrome extensions

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If you’re unfamiliar with turntable.fm, you may want to read my earlier post about it.

Was just introduced to another great Chrome extension for turntable.fm, which brings to two the total number of Chrome extensions I’m using for this site:

  • Turntable.fm Extended – This extension does several things.  It scrobbles your songs to last.fm, it ties in with Google desktop notifications (so you can get notified when someone awesomes or lames a song, when people go up to DJ, when they enter the room, when they type in chat, etc — it’s configurable), it allows you to get a plain text listing of everyone in a room (rather than having to mouse over each person in the room), and it allows you to see the Facebook account for any user in the room with you. (NOTE: Originally I was using a different extension for Scrobbling, but this one takes care of that and more, so I stopped using the original one)
  • Turntable.fm Playlist Manager – This extension helps you manage a large song queue.  What it does is allow you to create playlists.  You can drag and drop songs from your queue into these playlists (the same song may be dragged into multiple different playlists).  This does NOT remove the song from the main queue.  So what is the benefit?  Well, let’s say you frequent three main rooms — an 80’s room, a ska room, and a polka room (hey, I know there are a lot of closet polka fans out there).  So your queue has an equal amount of songs from each genre.  What’s more, they’re probably all pretty mixed up in the listing, since songs get sent to the bottom as you play them.  So if you’re in the ska room and are looking for a song to play, you have to scroll down through all your songs, 2/3 of which aren’t appropriate for the room (assuming you don’t have an extensive 80’s/ska/polka crossover collection).  Anyway, with this extension you could create 3 playlists, one for each genre.  You could search through these playlists instead of your main queue.  Each song in the playlists still has the normal “top” button associated with it.  So once you find the song you want in the playlist, if you click on “top”, it sends it to the top of your QUEUE, not of that playlist.  So in that way you can find the song you want faster and put it in position to play next.  If you have a queue large enough for this to be helpful, hopefully my explanation makes sense to you.

I highly recommend both extensions.  They’re only available for Chrome, though.  If you use turntable.fm and you’re using a different browser, you may want to consider switching just because of these.  At least for turntable, anyway.


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