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From the creator of Chewlumbo* and the visionaries who brought you Shrekuiem For A Dream** and Ghost Dad: Way Of The Samurai*** comes a new series that will change television forever:

Spider Man is having one hell of a night. Attacked by a werewolf and bitten by a vampire, he is transformed into the world’s first undead lyncanthropic superhero. [But there’s a twist!] Little does he know that his real adventure is just about to begin. The very next day he…

[choose your favorite]

  • is named, due to an obscure link of genealogy, the new king of England
  • inherits ownership of a struggling minor league hockey team that has no end of problems but lots of heart
  • is selected by NASA to lead a space mission to blow up a giant meteor hurtling toward Earth
  • time travels back to World War II where he has to fight both the Nazis and the ill-tempered sergeant who has it in for him
  • adopts a blind puppy who teaches him the true meaning of love

Coming this Fall!

* I did not come up with the brilliant idea of Chewlumbo, a detective series starring a crossover between Chewbacca and Columbo. This is my brother Matt’s creation.
** Nor did I come up with Shrekuiem For A Dream! My brother Matt told me about it, although it’s unclear if he made it up himself.
*** GD: WotS is totally mine.


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    I’m pretty sure I did an impression of Columbo doing an impersonation of Chewbacca a long time ago, and probably in the presence of Matty boy. I think I could convince an impartial arbitrator. So the credits would have to go something like: Chewlumbo, based on characters created by William Link & Richard Levinson and George Lucas, story by Curtis Klager, screenplay by …

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