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Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark

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I recently read an article which said that the Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark books are being reprinted in new editions, but that the publishers are not using the illustrations from the original books.  Anyone who has fond memories of being frightened by these books as a child will realize what a terrible decision this is, especially if you see the replacement artwork.  Once I read the article I tracked down a used copy of the original books, in case they become hard to find.  It arrived in the mail today!

I bought a hardcover edition of the Scary Stories Treasury.  This includes all 3 original books by Alvin Schwartz featuring the artwork of Stephen Gammell.  You can buy it used on Amazon.


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    I had the first book and I blame it for everything wrong with my sense of aesthetics! i remember being really creeped out about our 150 year okd house in PA after reading these, gonna have to snag the original books and add them to the ridiculously large “favorites of small weeta collection”

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